Color Issues With Full Screen GIFs

An infrequent problem has been noticed where capturing full screen when the first few frames are predominately white or gray will cause excessive color pooling or quality loss in some frames of the exported gif.

Note that if this issue happens, the frames themselves are still fully intact inside Capture Mate, so you can export them out to an MP4 or export them all as high resolution PNGs that can then be combined into a GIF in another app like gifsicle.

Although the frames are still fully intact, attempting to export them out to a GIF again does not appear to be a valid workaround.

An alternative solution is to simply recapture the frames and reexporting them. Using a capturing region that is smaller than your full screen should also yield more consistent results.

This issue is still being investigated and a fix will be available as soon as one is ready. If you happen to find any more details surrounding reproducing this issue, please report the steps via the “Report an Issue” option in Help -> Report an Issue in the main menu or using the ⌘/ keyboard shortcut.

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